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In the beginning of beginnings, a man who is still believed to come from Nri, Settled in the South East of district of Aguata, to be precise at AKALABO; in the heart of a town called Amesi by circumstances of birth and history.

This man whose name was Umennebe Dike has three sons- Amesi, who was the first, Akpo, the second and Ebele as the third and last child. Ebele’s name signifies the level of consolation his father receives owing to his long expected birth. Being the first son, Amesi occupied the Obi as tradition warrants in most parts of Igbo land, and Umennebe Dike thereafter blessed him with knowledge of herb and there natural importance. Akpo, the second son, who so much took after his father in strength and knowledge, became the police of his father’s empire. He supported his father in his works, especially farming. In his fathers absence, it was said that she spearheaded the inter- tribal, war against Ahafia and Aro people. Due to his strength, his father love him so much that he called him, Akponnaya; which means the strength of his father. Umunnebe Dike, before his death, allotted the northern part of his kingdom, which was believed to be more volatile than any other part to Akpo. This he did considering the level of hostility that was coming from that part of his domain. The southern part of the kingdom, now Achina, was allotted to Ebele. Akpo married two wives

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